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Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
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Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics

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Weight loss is a very personal journey. What works for some does not work for others. I had spent years searching; but had not found “my way” to control my diet and my life. That was before my initial visit to TnT. What a life changing visit!! I was close to 300 pounds and a Type II diabetic with runaway blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. Christine gave me an introduction and an overview of the program. Lori (ARNP-C) explained it in great detail and got me started on the program. Her first concern was and still is my overall health. “The weight loss will follow the health gains.” In a few short months my Type II diabetes has all but disappeared to the point that I am not taking any diabetes medication; and my blood sugar levels are normal. My blood pressure is also within normal ranges. Did I mention that I have lost close to 50 pounds? What an incredible journey I am on. My lifestyle and eating habits have changed dramatically. The transition was smooth and easy. The changes have had a profound effect on my health and my life. I now exercise regularly and actually enjoy it. I can’t wait to see what wonderful changes tomorrow will bring. I am 67 and feel like I am at least 10 years younger than that. Thanks Lori and Christine for giving me back the health and vitality that I thought was gone forever.
I decided to go to Lori Esarey with much skepticism after watching my hair stylist lose weight successfully. One day while getting my hair cut, I finally got up enough nerve to ask her how she managed to lose the weight. Her response to me was "if you are serious about losing weight, go to see Lori Esarey". She gave me directions to Lori's office and I stopped there on my way home. I talked to Christine, Lori's personal assistant, and signed up for the 12 week program that day. I had been to my physician 3 years ago and begged him to help me lose weight. His solution to my weight problem was to eat 32 ounces of Greek yogurt between the hours of 10am to 2pm to curb my appetite. Despite thinking that he was crazy, I thought he is a medical doctor and must know what he is talking about. I know it sounds ludicrous but I tried it and again failed.
At my first meeting with Lori, she told me that she surmised I had diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and there was a chance that I might possibly be gluten sensitive. She stressed the importance of testing and we decided to proceed. Lori's scientific approach and testing was the answer to my prayers. The testing indicated that I was in the 97 percentile for a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Also, the testing showed that I was gluten sensitive. I had some of the worst testing numbers that Lori had seen in quite some time in her practice. However, she kept reassuring me that if I would follow her advice that we could reverse all of these processes.
I just completed phase 1 with Lori and have had phenomenal results. I want to share them with you. My overall cholesterol went from 196 to 157, my LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 133 to 93, my HDL (good cholesterol) went up from 28 to 44, and my triglycerides went from 144 to 101. My blood sugar is 99 and I have lost 26 pounds. All of this was accomplished thru diet and without medication. An added bonus to all this is that my husband is no longer my target when things do not go as expected. What a relief for him that my mood has improved immensely! My priorities and goals have changed in the last 12 weeks from being focused solely on losing weight to wellness and a healthy lifestyle. I have enrolled for another phase and my challenge is to become more physically fit.
Lori is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a great medical practitioner. If anyone is considering consulting with Lori, I highly recommend her. She is my new physician. In addition, Lori's staff, which consists of Christine and Christy are both very empathetic to your plight and very professional. Their smiles are much appreciated.
If weight is weighing you down, or if you are in need of disease management, or anything involving sports nutrition... think Lori! You will not be sorry!!


When I came to Lori I was on my second bout with breast cancer and going through the second time of chemo treatments. I was very sick and didn't want this to be a continuous part of my life. I asked my oncologist if my diet could help me with better health, so he gave me Lori's business card. I set up an appointment and started the program.

This program is a very personal way to good health and weight loss. I have been a yo-yo dieter all my adult life, so I didn't go into this program to lose weight but to be healthier. Along the way to better health I have lost over 30 pounds and I didn't have to finish the chemo treatments. I feel and look healthier than I have in years.


"It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. Those are the words that I heard one year ago and have been striving to live by ever since. I've tried different diets throughout my life, but always gained the weight back. Nothing ever seemed to work. Then I started seeing Lori @ TNT and I can now proudly say the weight is not only staying off, but I now have more muscle mass, less body fat, and I no longer have to take heart medication!
The main difference I have found with this program is education and accountability. I'm more informed about what hidden 'weight-gaining' ingredients are in processed/fast foods and I can make educated choices about what I eat. I consistently ask myself "what is in the food I'm putting in my body? I If it isn't nutritious, I don't eat it!
My husband and family are supportive, but I ultimately answer to Me; I know what I've eaten and if I've exercised. Most recently I went through a food detox/cleanse program through TNT. I not only relearned to appreciate good, quality food but also realized I had 'allowed' certain bad food behaviors (sauces, sweets) back into my life. It was a great learning experience and helped me to return to the true purpose of eating-to nourish my body, not for 'pleasure' or 'reward.'
I feel better, I look better, and I run better. I am essentially medication free and keeping up with my two kids-that's what life is all about!



After retiring in October, 2012 and moving to The Villages, I joined a Dragon Boat Team and decided I wanted to be a competitive paddler. I had been working out and had dropped some weight, but I wasn’t making much progress. I knew I needed a change and professional guidance to achieve my health and athletic goals.
My doctor recommended I talk to Lori at TNT. I made an appointment and went through a very thorough testing process. Lori went through the results, discussed my goals, and put together a 12 week program of diet and supplements that were tailored to my physical activity of weight training, cardio, and dragon boat paddling. Lori said I would be a challenge, as my level of physical activity isn’t the norm and she analyzed everything I did to ensure that I would be getting the right nutrition to sustain my activity while decreasing body fat and building muscle. My weight and body fat were measured throughout the 12 weeks and I was thrilled to see not only pounds come off, but more importantly body fat being reduced and muscle mass increasing. Every week Lori provided instruction in nutrition and even met with my wife to give her ideas on what foods to buy and meal preparation.
At the end of the 12 week program the results were incredible. I lost 33 pounds, significantly reduced body fat while I increased muscle mass, and my cholesterol and triglycerides are in the optimal range. I feel energized, strong, healthy and ten years younger! My Dragon Boat teammates are amazed at my physical transformation in the past three months. The only negative is, I had to buy all new clothes. In December I was wearing XXL shirts and three months later a large. My waist size has reduced by 3 ½”.
Lori was always positive and encouraging, guiding me through the process and teaching me how to make healthy choices in nutrition and eating clean. She has helped me achieve my initial fitness goals and I will continue to work with Lori as I set higher goals for myself for better health and wellness for life!


From the first time I met Christine and Lori, I felt that I finally found two supportive women who could help me with my lifelong "battle of the bulge." At each visit I found support, understanding, and comfort. I started losing weight immediately and have been encouraged by my significant weight loss. To sum it all up, they are both "Magnificent!!!"



When I came to Lori four months ago, I was a mess. I had a severe skin condition, was overweight and had emotional and physical fatigue. Many doctors had tried unsuccessfully to treat the skin condition with medication but I was still experiencing sleepless nights, foggy thinking, low energy level, weight gain and itchy, broken out skin. Not a picture of health!

I had just retired from a intensely demanding and stressful job and moved to sunny Florida to pursue a new calling in my life. But my lack of wellness kept me from having the quality of life that I longed for.

Then, thankfully, I found Lori Esarey. In a very short time, she has made wellness a reality for me. With her philosophy of Food First, I learned that my diet of grains (and lots of it), cheeses, and beans was actually contributing to my lack of wellness.

Her approach of functional medicine is such a brilliant combination of science and natural remedies. Her knowledge and expertise is nothing short of amazing! Looking at me as an individual, uniquely created, she embarked on a quest to discover the needs and weaknesses of my specific body. After a new eating lifestyle, a series of supplements, her very wise counsel, and her consistent support while I was making those difficult lifestyle changes, I now have a new lease on life. My skin is under control, I have lost 15 pounds, and I have energy and a strong sense of well-being that has eluded me for years.

Not too long ago, I asked Lori where she had been all my life! I am so very thankful to have found her before another year went by. She is truly one of those rare finds who can make such a difference in your life by inspiring you and equipping you to live a life of healthy choices so you can reach the potential for which you were created.


My family doctor wanted to put me on a second blood pressure medication and told me I was borderline diabetic. When I asked if losing weight would help, she gave me a TNT brochure. I could not lose weight even though I exercised daily and thought I was eating healthy. After meeting with Lori and Christine I was ready to take on the challenge of losing the extra weight I have carried around for over 40 years. Their passion, knowledge and support got me through Thanksgiving, Christmas parties and two weeks of company from Germany. During that 3 months I was able to lose 25 pounds. I feel great, look healthy, my blood pressure has come down and my blood test shows great improvement. During the next 3 months Lori and Christine entered me in a wellness challenge. What a great experience! With the support, guidance and encouragement from the staff at TNT, Infinity and Vitality Wellness I lost another 29 pounds, a total of 54 pounds in 6 months. I have learned to eat the right food at the right time and take the right vitamins. I eat more now than I ever have eaten before. I would like to thank Lori for educating me about healthy eating, the right exercise and proper sleep.

I recently went on a 2 week vacation and worried how I was going to manage my diet. When I returned and did my weigh in I had lost a pound! Boy – everyone was surprised especially me. Thinking back on what I had eaten I realized that selections were definitely guided by what Lori had taught me. Although I did not eat 5 small meals a day (being on a cruise and doing excursions curtailed those options) I chose fish dishes 90% of the time that came baked or broiled (this alone for me was a big change in diet since fish is not a favorite choice or one that I find pleasing to cook). As with most cruises everything is ala carte so I skipped the appetizers, I always chose a salad and asked for the dressing on the side and ordered the fish entree. I did order dessert (not every meal) but I did choose things like sherbet or ate only part of something that I considered high in calories. I did not eat at the buffet style restaurant but a couple of times and tried to pick the high protein items. I did a lot of walking during the "excursions" and did some sit-ups and push-ups in my room but I did not go to the on board gym. I had a wonderful time on my vacation and did not actively stress over my eating.


For most of my adult life, I never cared about being overweight and figured I had neither the willpower nor strength to actually lose weight. That all changed in February 2009 when I became a client of Total Nutrition and Therapeutics. Lori Esarey and her assistant, Christine Meginley, thoroughly explained what it would take to lose weight from an exercise and nutrition standpoint. You see, exercise and healthy eating were foreign concepts to me. Even though I was skeptical at first, it was obvious that Lori and Christine were passionate and excited about the prospect of me shedding pounds. That passion rubbed off on me, and in a span of 6 or 7 months I went from 289 pounds to 245 pounds. From there, I continued incorporating everything that Lori and Christine taught me and now I can proudly say I weight 215 pounds!! Total Nutrition and Therapeutics equipped me with the necessary knowledge and support for me to not only lose weight but understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. These days, a typical evening involves walking four miles and riding my bike for 10 miles. I have a newfound appreciation for healthy living, and I attribute that to Lori and Christine.


When "Life" and the world of work competed with my desire to find a healthy lifestyle, I found TNT to be the answer I needed to individualize and customize an approach of one-on-one nutritional counseling. The information and encouragement empowered me to remain positive, and enabled me to not only lose weigh but to become a healthier person in the process. Thank you TNT.

-- Barbara Howard


Aiding a 38 year old female with polycystic ovaries lose a total of 65 pounds in 31 weeks. After entering the program with a word of "good luck" to me and "I have never lost more than 15 pounds" statement, she was committed to the program. To this day, 3.5 years later, she remains living the healthy balanced lifestyle that she was taught and has maintained her weight. She also has gained the endurance and flexibility that keeps her doing the activities she loves, like golf and playing with her kids. She continues to stay true to living well and is proud of her accomplishments.


Assisting a 42 year old 540 pound young man who was struggling with his weight, achieve ½ of his body weight and a body fat reduction of 25% in one year. TNT provided an individualized, customized approach of one-on-one nutritional counseling. He was taught the concepts of eating the right food, in the right amount at the right time. Alongside of a personal trainer, we worked together to motivate, encourage and empower him to achieve success. As he worked diligently to transform his mind and body during this journey, he took ownership of his decisions and began living an "excuse free life". During this process, he inspired many to do the same.

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