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Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Class Descriptions Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics


Understanding your labs: 1 hour class Lead By: Lori Esarey, ARNP
One hour class designed to help you understand the advanced labs that are ordered at TNT, why they are ordered and what the general terminology means. This class is intended to be done prior to your REVIEW OF FINDINGS appointment for the purpose of helping you make the most out of your review appointment. It is important to first understand how these markers can generally affect your health and well-being so that upon receiving your results we can more specifically target the changes in your lifestyle, diet and supplement plan that need to occur in order to get the results you desire and optimize your health.

Orientation Class: 30 minutes Lead by Jaime Alonso

Congratulations on your Commitment to Wellness! You are now part of our Lifestyle Transformation Program. This class explains how you can take advantage of many of the benefits Total Nutrition and Therapeutics has to offer, discusses goals and expectations.

What, Why, and How of Eating 1 hour class Lead By: Jaime Alonso

Welcome and Congratulations on taking this step to TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH! Today is kick off day where we will start learning the “language” needed as the foundation of your success. In order for you to be successful, you must first understand what foods you have been eating and what their nutritional density is. Additionally, learning how to log your food properly, efficiently, and correctly will help you SEE what you are doing daily and help us coach you daily as you are creating an aware-ness of food and how it is affecting your body. Journaling/logging is a critical step to change. Additionally, this class is designed to ensure that you are equipped with the tools necessary to kick start your success and come out of the gate fully armed to meet your health goals.

Publix Shopping Experience: 1.5—2 hour class Lead By: Jaime Alonso

Let’s face it, we all know how to shop, but do we REALLY know what’s lurking in your foods? With TNT’s shopping experience, you will learn how to identify hidden harmful ingredients, understand food labels, learn about food substitutions for food allergies, recipe modifications and cooking techniques, and will discover healthier alternatives to the foods you enjoy!

Healthy Weight for Life 1 hour class Lead by: Jaime Alonso
This class educates clients on obstacles to achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it for life. By exploring inflammation and detoxification, clients will recognize patters and long-term effects of unhealthy behaviors. Understanding the pitfalls of appe-tite suppressants and excessive calorie restriction will help clients embrace lifestyle choices that create lifelong, optimal body composition and chronic disease prevention.

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body 1 hour class Lead By: Jaime Alonso

This class is designed to teach the importance of healthy G.I. function and how healing the G.I. can improve many chronic con-ditions. You will learn the key concepts of increased intestinal permeability, chronic G.I., inflammation, food allergy/intolerance testing options, proper elimination and the use of hypo-allergenic diets for gut healing.

Stress Hormones and Health 1 hour class Lead By: Lori Esarey or Tania Brabble, ARNP
This class is designed to educate you on the negative effects of chronic stress and its connection to major chronic diseases. Clients will learn the connection between healthy vs unhealthy stress perception, stages of general adaptation and optimal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function. With these tools, you will better understand the power of recommendations emphasizing glycemic regulations, sleep hygiene, exercise and cortisol/DHEA testing.

Immune Essentials 1 hour class Lead by: Lori Esarey, ARNP or Tania Brabble, ARNP
The development of your immune system began before you were born and continues to change based on choices you make every day. Optimal immune function defends you against potential threats and repairs you when you have been harmed by them. Healthy immune systems must be strong to fight when needed, but equally intelligent to identify a true threat vs. a false alarm. An imbalanced immune system can be weak making you prone to infections, or it may be misguided making you vulner-able to autoimmune disorders.

The Blood Sugar/Insulin Connection 1 hour class Lead by: Jaime Alonso

This class is designed to teach you why and how a low-glycemic anti-inflammatory diet is essential for protecting the heart and improving insulin sensitivity. Emphasis is on nutrition and practical physical activity are the cornerstones of the lifestyle ap-proach to disease treatment and reversal.

Understanding Your Body Composition Analysis 1 hour class Lead by: Lori Esarey, ARNP
In order to have the most success on your journey to optimal health it is important to understand exactly how your body is made up. This class will go over what your Body Composition numbers mean as well as helpful hints to get them to the optimal levels.

Detox Not Retox: 1 hour class Lead By: Lori Esarey, ARNP

It’s not a question of whether you are toxic or not, the question is “How toxic are we”?. This one hour class is designed to assist you in understanding the many toxic exposures we have in our environment and how they affect you. Like other classes at TNT, our goal is to give you practical advice and this class focuses on not only how to detoxify your environment but how to learn to decrease your risk of retoxifying. This class is intended for all clients that are actively seeking optimal health because detoxify-ing is an integral part of your success. Learning why and how this is done safely and properly and on an ongoing basis is key to your success.


The "How and Why" Classes

Diabetes Class Part 1 1 hour class Lead By: Lori Esarey, ARNP
Diabetes is an epidemic in this country. But there are ways to combat this horrible disease and they are located inside of all of us. Come and learn what the numbers mean. Not only will you learn staggering statistics of what not controlling your dia-betes can lead to, but also helpful hints to make sure you are not a statistic.

Diabetes Class Part 2 Class 1 hour class Lead By: Lori Esarey, ARNP
This class is intended for those individuals w/ either DM type 1 or 2 who are measuring their blood sugar or would like to start monitoring their blood sugar to help them start making connections between what they eat and how it directly affects their blood sugar. What you eat and how you combine that with other foods has a dramatic effect on your blood sugar and how you feel? Why not start eating proactively to keep your blood sugar stable instead of eating reactively to respond to a low blood sugar leading to a yo yo affect? CONTROL YOUR BLOOD SUGAR AND YOU CONTROL EVERYTHING! Now is the time to learn how to control it so that you can look and feel your best!

The Fresh Market Shopping Experience: 1 hour class Lead By: Jaime Alonso
Now that you have learned the basics and feeling more confident about making healthier food choices, let’s add more variety and flavors to put more pizzazz on your plate! Expand your menu to include more foods that will increase energy, boost immunity all while having fun finding new tantalizing flavors to your daily routine.

Blending or Juicing Class: 1 hour class Lead By: Jaime Alonso
Blending or Juicing, which one is better? In each class, you will discover which one is right for you while having fun learning new healthy habits to add to your daily routine. Enjoy tasting a variety of immune boosting recipes that will awaken your taste buds and do the body good!

Advanced Cardiovascular Class 1 hour class Lead by: Lori Esarey, ARNP or Tania Brabble, ARNP
After learning about cholesterol and its role in cardiovascular disease, you now understand how your total cholesterol result does not provide accurate information about your risk for heart attack or stroke. In fact, even a standard cholesterol or lipid lab panel (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides) may not reveal all important risk factors.

In our Advanced Cardiovascular class you will learn additional information including addition lab tests that can provide addi-tional information regarding your risk for heart disease or stroke.

Simple Approach to Skincare Lead by: Sandy Bock, Licensed Esthetician *
LIVE DEMO CLASS: What is Your Skin Telling YOU?
The goal is to maximize your skincare needs by learning:
1. best procedure for cleaning your skin
2. Advantage of toning your skin
3. The importance of Exfoliation
4. The Do and Don’ts of moisturizers
5. The importance of sunscreen year round.

Essential Oils in Household Cleaning 1 hour class Lead by: Sandy Bock, Licensed Esthetician *
Is your cleaning routine really as clean as you think it is? Spring cleaning is a ritual purging of the accumulated dirt, germs and odor from a winter-weary home to create a clean and healthy living space. Unfortunately, the often caustic and toxic ingredi-ents used in most conventional cleaning products can be just as harmful as the dirt and germs they are meant to eliminate. Even some so-called natural cleansers can contain these same or similar nasty ingredients.

The best way to make sure your living space is clean and healthy is to use safe, cleaning products you create yourself, using natural and inexpensive ingredients. It’s cost effective, simple and—like the task of spring cleaning itself—satisfying and re-warding. Start with essential oils. Lemon (deodorizing), peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree (purifying), are essential to your homemade cleaners kit. In this class we will show you how to make your own cleaning products with essential oils.

Bountiful Farms 1 hour class Lead by: Jessica, owner of Bountiful Farms
Jessica is a local farmer and owner of Bountiful Farms. She will be sharing with us the current farming practices –organic farm-ing vs most farming practices of today. She will teach us what to look for and what to buy when shopping organic. Come learn how purchasing organic products can not only be health rewarding but also cost effective and budget friendly.

Radio Frequency and Light Therapy Lead by: Sandy Bock, Licensed Esthetician *
Live Demo
Are you aware of the exciting new development in light therapy? This ancient method of health and wellness has resurfaced with a new non-invasive procedure known as Radio Frequency. The benefits of Radio Frequency are as follows:
Near immediate results
Safe, effective and non invasive
No down time
Body contouring and shaping
Skin tightening and rejuvenation               Come see the benefits of this great treatment!


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) Lead by: Sandy Bock, Licensed Esthetician *
This procedure is also known as medical skin needling or micro-needling and is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation treat-ment designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as scars on the face and body. The treatment uses tiny needles that are moved over the skin to create tiny, evenly spaced puncture wounds on the skin. This process stimulates the body’s natural collagen production by generating a wound healing response. The pen used is much like a fine tattooing needle, so it should cause minimal trauma when creating the microscopic punctures in the skin. By damaging the skin you encourage your body to produce new collagen and elastin, which helps it thicken and ‘plump up’. The procedure can be performed on the face and body.

Are You A Candidate for CIT? - Collagen Induction Therapy is suitable for all skin types, and ideal candidates are those who wish to improve skin laxity, smooth lines and wrinkles, slow the onset of the aging process or improve the appearance of scarring.

Functional Fitness 1 hour class Lead by: Guest Instructors *
Functional fitness is something that you use everyday! When you drop something and have to pick it up. When you need to sit down. If you fall and you need to get up! It is activities that prepare you for your every day life. For instance, a functional exer-cise might be a lunge with a rotational twist. This helps the everyday person who might go grocery shopping and have to reach for a large box of detergent. Join Scott to learn how to master these simply yet very important movements. The more efficient you can be with these movements to longer and healthier you will live!

What’s in Your Kitchen? Must have tools for your success Lead by: Jaime Alonso *
Do you have a favorite kitchen tool (s) that you just can’t live without? The purpose of this free class is to get together in a relaxed atmosphere with other TNT Members in a “show and tell” fashion. Bring in your “must have” kitchen tools that you’ve had success with in order to help others learn how to make eating clean easy and fun! From measuring cups and spoons to blenders and slicers; whatever it is, we want you to share!

Sweet Essentials 1 hour class Lead by: Sandy Bock, Licensed Esthetician *
Our skin is one of the biggest defenders when it comes to protecting our bodies from external pollutants. Show it some extra care during this busy season by using an all-natural Sugar Scrub! Learn the benefits of integrating essential oils with simple in-gredients to stimulate youthful, glowing skin!

Karen’s Support Group: 1 hour class Lead By: Karen Stange, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Everyone deserves support for the anxiety or limiting beliefs that often come when making lifestyle changes. Come explore, share, and create new ways to be successful in your wellness journey.

Vision Board Class 1 hour class Lead by: Jaime Alonso
Designing your vision board is a great tool to help clarify and maintain your specific healthy lifestyle goals. In this class setting, you will de-sign your own vision board showing where you’d like to be with your goals in the future.

Making Your Own Deodorant 1 hour class *
Take this alternative approach and control what goes onto your skin! Deodorants contain chemicals that may harm your body, learn which ingredients to stay away from and why. Making your own is easy, economical, and non-toxic! Plus you’ll smell good too!

HIITS Training : 1 hour class Lead by: Guest Instructors *
HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. This class is intended as an educational/informational class on what HIITS or restorative yoga are, what the benefits are, who this would benefit, what the classes would be like, how to prepare should you decide this is the right method of exercise for you. Come learn about some exciting beneficial ways to move your body!

Recipe Swap: 1 hour class Lead by: Jaime Alonso
Variety is the spice of life!
The purpose of this free class is to get together in a relaxed atmosphere with other TNT Members and share favorite healthy recipes and meal ideas. Clients may also bring some of their old tried and true recipes that may need healthier alternatives or substitutions for their new lifestyle. Together, we will talk about tips and tricks to healthy eating!

Essential Oils and Wellness: 1 hour class Lead By: Sandra Bock *
There’s more to aging well than diet and exercise. As we age, our bodies take on more and more damage from cell-wrecking free radicals, making us look and feel older. Many essential oils are rich in antioxidants—compounds that combat free radi-cals—and Sandy will show you how to use different essential oils to do just that.

Wellness Ambassador Program 1 hour class Lead By: Andrea Soukup, TNT client
TNT’s Wellness Ambassadors Support Group is created to provide connection with its peers and to empower TNT members to stay focused as we continue to grow toward optimal health. The Wellness Ambassador support group’s purpose is to as-sist with the ongoing transition into clean eating and living. We will meet these purposes by:
• Sharing knowledge • Celebrating successes • Finding support that awakens our enthusiasm for our new lifestyle • Sup-porting each other while being a light of hope to others by creating a contagious environment of health, hope, and happiness!

Binder Class : In a ’Bind’ Get “it” Together 1 hour class Lead by: Jaime Alonso
Materials needed:
Yourself, Your TNT 3” Binder, 10 Tabs, Package of pocket protectors, Skinny sharpie, pen, marker, Any item you’d like to decorate your binder with, get creative, Bring a snack (optional)
Got a Binder from TNT, papers galore and have no clue how to organize it? We know all too well it’s hard to wrap your brain around all this wonderful new information you’re learning when you have papers everywhere! Let’s get organized and get your “stuff” together! This is a great class to meet like minded people and have fun organizing your TNT binder!


* = intermittently offered


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