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Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics
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Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics Total Nutrition And Therapeutics


John Daddona2017 was not a great year for 83 year old John Daddona. He was obese, had high blood pressure, persistent atrial fibrillation, walking was difficult, constant shortness of breath, and on a fast track to full blown diabetes. During that time, he was diagnosed with Anemia - a condition in which you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues. This condition left John feeling tired and weak. His condition was so bad that he was having to have regular blood and iron transfusions. John felt depressed and discussed his concerns with his doctors.

Different medications were used on John and slowly his blood counts started to come back up but he was still feeling tired and depressed. It was a recommendation from his cardiologist that brought him to TNT and his August appointment with Lori Esarey, ARNP.

“My weight was around 250lbs when I came to TNT. I had tried it all - Adkins, South Beach diet, and more. I had some success, but then I would gain it back,” says John, “But within the first hour with Lori I knew the TNT program was for me. I had all the confidence in the world in Lori.” The TNT education he received in nutrition and supplementation was instrumental in John’s success.

“I was already taking supplements but they were the ‘buy one get one free’ type at Walgreen’s. Now I understand the importance of pharmaceutical grade supplements to my health.”

Jaime, TNT’s health coach, taught John the importance of food logging. “I am very faithful with my food diary, I record everything now. Jaime also helped me with shopping and recipes on how to cook my favorite foods healthier,” states John. “I’m Italian...pasta and white Italian bread are part of my DNA. Plus, I never could pass a bakery. I used to stop by the bakery and buy 2 chocolate éclairs -one for me and one for my wife - even though I knew my wife didn’t like éclairs -which meant I got to eat both. I found out a serving of pizza is a SLICE... I always thought it was a PIE. Now I don’t even want them anymore and instead Brussels spouts and cauliflower have become staples in my diet.” John smiles saying, “As the grocery shopper and chef, I follow Jaime’s directions the best I can...if in doubt, I ask her.”

Since joining TNT in August, John has lost 50 pounds and his bio markers have radically changed for the better. “My wife is even losing some weight due to eating how I eat now” smiles John, “Having the weight off makes me feel better, I can do more exercise now and I don’t get out of breath like I used to.” But the best thing of all is that John is no longer suffering with depression and is off all medication for it.

“My physicians are happy with how I am doing,” says John. “It takes a commitment of resources and time on your part if you want to get better. For example, I once thought if I want to eat something I should grab a fruit because it is better for me. However, TNT taught me that I should only have 2 servings of fruit per day AND I should always have a fruit with a protein.” Simple tips that make for a healthier lifestyle. John’s lab review was just done, he has reduced or stopped his medications, his blood sugar has normalized,and his pants size is shrinking. When asked if he will stay on with TNT, he states simply, “TNT has cost me a clothes. Friends tell me that I need to buy all new clothes. I’ve had to give away 18 trousers, 16 shirts, and 12 shorts. TNT is an investment, but nothing is more important than me investing in my health.”

One could say that John made a wise investment and is now a new, energized version of himself. “Old habits do die hard though,” smiles John, “I still walk by the bakery and look at the chocolate éclairs, I just don’t buy them now.” We say, ‘Bravo John, Bravo!’



Holly ParrishI have been waiting patiently to write this, and now the day is here.


To explain a little better, about 5 months ago my primary care doctor told me that at 25 years old I needed my gallbladder taken out. Hold up, (break screeching) say whattt? I knew I didn't feel good. I knew my acid reflux was off the charts and heart palpitations aren't normal. I couldn't keep up with my kids...yada yada, the list goes on. I had tried all the diets and fads. Started the mom workouts that you use your kids as weights because it's supposed to be fun for you both right?(Wrong, dead wrong.) I read the books and implemented their recipes and ideas into our diet. NOTHING HAPPENED. Let me correct that, yes something happened – I continued to gain weight. But I still just couldn’t imagine taking an organ out so young that would probably cause me to need constant health care and continued medication for THE REST OF MY LIFE.

It wasn’t until I was at my heaviest I’ve ever been outside of being pregnant and I was having such a hard time even swallowing water, literally getting up during dinner to spit up my dinner because the acid reflux had made my esophagus so swollen and tender I would choke, that I realized I needed a different way and apparently my primary care doctor couldn’t offer it. I sat in church one morning barely listening to the service on our “storms” because I was consumed with the thoughts that this is how it’s going to be. I’ll never be the size I was when I married my husband. I’ll never be the mom who can run and play catch with her son during practice for tee ball. I’ll never be the mom who can practice playing volleyball with her daughter. I had talked to friends and family and most chalked it up to “this is just your body style,” all the while in my head knowing that was in fact wrong. I briefly wrote down on my weekly bulletin “my storm = gallbladder” and showed it to my husband and very close friend. They both agreed and continued to listen. Finally, a few minutes later the voice of our Pastor broke through my whirlwind thoughts as he spoke of a story that a close friend of his had severe acid reflux, was having health issues and needed his gallbladder out. I was in shock. Honestly (and I love our Pastor) but it really had nothing to do with what he was speaking about in that moment. Storms yes, but that moment – no. Something in what he was saying moved my thoughts from “woe is me” to “let’s buckle up and do this.” I walked up to our Pastors wife after service (who is also a Pastor) and explained what had happened. She looked me right in the eyes and said “I have no idea why even said that story. It hadn’t come up in any other service.” I took a step back and thought well that in itself is confirmation that God heard me. He answered me.

After careful consideration on my next steps, my husband and I decided it was time to make an appointment see a provider for my overall health. I believe this was also something set up many years ago, as she used to be my boss and already knew me pretty well. After one appointment with her, the three of us were convinced this is fixable. My sweet and loving husband signed the contract, worked extra jobs and took out a credit card to finance it. And has never said a sour word about it. He has always been my biggest fan, greatest source of support and encouragement. I honestly couldn’t have gotten here without him.

Two weeks into my program, my provider had already figured out all the issues causing the acid reflux, pain, sluggishness…all of it. We changed my diet to fit me personally as we found out that I had 33…YES, 33 food allergies, am pre-diabetic, etc. I quickly started dropping weight. And stress. And acid reflux medication. I added in supplements (and I will be the first to tell you, I am not perfect at taking these but they are necessity so I try,) to replete some very low vitamins and correct other things like cholesterol. No medications, only diet and supplement changes. I was seeing a big difference fast and so were other people. People started asking, I started telling, and lives started changing. A few family members have made a decision to change their eating habits and that is another great source of encouragement to keep learning, keep going, and keep doing. Everyone has been given a different body with its own set of issues. Not one diet can be treatment for everyone so I never advise, I only encourage starting with the basics and if the problem continues like it did with me to seek out further nutrition attention.

Fast forward five months and I am down 40lbs. It has been a short time, and a hard road but we are here and ready to go the rest of the way with a positive outlook. Because, now I can go on a date with my husband and feel comfortable; I can chase my kids across the living room and not get winded; and I can throw the ball with my dog and not get mad when the retriever part of his golden is broken and doesn’t bring the ball back. I can get it myself.

None of this to boast on myself. I am a very small part of this conquest. It is to give credit where credit is due. First to God, for using our Pastor as a vessel to share a message. Second, to my husband for being the steady rock I needed during this life overhaul. Thirdly, to my health provider for taking time out of her days to put attention to my health care. And to everyone else who has either accommodated my food changes or encouraged it. My families’ future has been changed for the better because of this.



TNT (Total Nutrition and Therapeutics) is comprised of a team of professionals who address all aspects of a person's life in very holistic, healthy and natural ways. And they do it tailored differently for each person. This is done through individualized lab testing of blood and stool samples. They teach you how to grocery shop, what to buy and when to eat it. There are educational classes on various heath topics.

-Bob Hofmann

Bonnie I was turning 60 – ouch –and I wanted to be the best I could be.  I walked into Lori’s doors a few months back with 3 goals in mind:  I wanted to sleep better; I wanted to lose weight; and I wanted more energy!

I explained to Lori that for the last 4 years I had felt terrible.  In 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I always thought that I ate healthy, didn’t smoke, rarely drank and there was no history of cancer in my family.  So why me?  Not only that, we were just getting over my husband’s prostate cancer in 2008.

I had a lumpectomy and radiation.  I spent much of my down time during my treatments reading. I learned about food – or thought I did.  I changed my diet – or presumed I did.  I became so angry with my findings toward the FDA for allowing some of these ‘dangerous’ foods I was eating to be sold to the American public.  I even took 2 large boxes of these ‘poisonous’ foods back to Publix. 

Throughout these last 4 years I have seen doctors that have wanted to put me on different medications, I have seen nutritionists that wanted to just put on supplements but I saw no one that truly wanted to take the time to learn about me and explain to me what I needed to do and why I needed to do it.

In October 2013 I finally found Lori and TNT.  When I met with her I told her I would do ANYTHING to feel better.  She smiled and said, ‘Let’s Do This’.

Now, just a few short months later I feel like I am back.  The Bonnie of years ago is back and I am loving her.  If you are suffering with health issues please consider taking direction from Lori and TNT.  You and your body will be glad you did!

Bonnie Blate

CliffMy incredible journey started with Lori and her highly personable staff only five short months ago.  I was desperate for answers as to why my cholesterol kept rising to over 200 and my weight kept increasing, despite taking prescription drugs, exercising, and I thought being strict with my food intake choices.  I’ve had 3 immediate family members that have died in their sleep from cardiac issues and I was not ready to join them yet.

I had lost weight through another source, but it slowly crept back up.  Lori’s ‘disease management’ program has shown me in cold hard facts why my previous efforts had failed me.  One cannot ignore your own body lab values when they are presented to you in black and white.  Through Lori’s in depth education and her ever increasing knowledge base I have seen dramatic changes in my lab values.  I am no longer pre-diabetic, cholesterol dropped 57 points, inflammation makers have improved and I have lost weight.  I discovered I was gluten sensitive and have a genetic marker that makes statins ineffective in my body.  No wonder my cholesterol kept rising.

Yes, initially I was reluctant to change my previous eating lifestyle.  But I came to Lori seeking answers and decided it was a choice that I had to make in order to improve my quality of life for my future years.  They say knowledge is power, I now have the educational building blocks needed to continue my journey towards improved health.

Thank you, Lori and your team for this incredible, forever life changing experience so far!

Cliff Koehnlein

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