Disease Management & Prevention

Total Nutrition and Therapeutics has developed this new program to assist clients who are ill or who wish to know what illnesses they are susceptible to in their lives. Once these illnesses are identified TNT will assist participants in changing their lifestyle and thereby changing their genetic processes. Through nutritional education and encouragement reversing disease states such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer and many others can be accomplished. Ultimately TNT wishes to reduce health care expenses for people by teaching the value of taking care of the most precious asset we have, our body from the inside out.

Program Outline:

13 Week program starting with individualized consultation
Baseline Information will be taken including blood work, body fat testing, waist measurement, personal and medical history, current medications and a one week metabolic evaluation
Goal setting and initial education on nutrition and physical activity to change current lifestyle
Weekly follow ups to chart progress and continue education
Optional Tools:

Pathway Genomics gene testing to gain knowledge of genetic make-up.

Are you ready for a new you?

Are you ready for a new you?